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Schweizerische Vereinigung für Unternehmensfinanzierung
Association Suisse des Investisseurs en Capital et de Financement
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Seed Money & VC

SECA has a chapter concentrating on the fields of innovation processes, venture capital and start-up companies in Switzerland and their role for the Swiss economy. Under the lead of Michael Sidler, the chapter meets regularly and has meetings with the corresponding partners on government and government-related levels.

Professional Venture Capital in Switzerland, corporate as well as traditional venture firms are the main source of funding for high growth companies at early stages in Switzerland. SECA will ensure that a solid network between firms and regions is built and that funding sources for our industry are well informed about Venture potential in Switzerland. Increased collaboration at the legal, tax and regulatory levels as well as with industry and academia will concur to higher visibility and transparency.

“Business Angels” have become an important element in establishing and financing young, innovative companies, especially with regards to early stages of a venture. In 2008, the Association of Swiss Business Angels Network (ASBAN) has joined forces with SECA and the chapter “Seed Money & Venture Capital” of SECA covers now all stages of innovative companies development from seed financing to IPO.

SECA has recently published a “Standard Term Sheet” for venture financings. This publication should help companies and investors such as business angels to structure venture financings more efficiently.


  • Michael Sidler, Chair Chapter Seed Money & Venture Capital, coordinates information and networking of the SECA Chapter Seed Money & Venture Capital.
  • Christian Winkler, representative of the SECA Chapter Seed Money & Venture Capital, for Business Angels.


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