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UPComingVC - Venture Capital Investment Challenge

Date27 - 28 April 2017
Time2 days


Fintech FUSION, Geneva

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UPComingVC - Venture Capital Investment Challenge
27 - 28 April 2017
Fintech FUSION, Geneva

UPComingVC is a "Venture Capital Investment Challenge", an innovative format for an event intending to connect startups, VCs and young professionals/students, the latter aspiring to become VCs. It is a two-day simulation of the due diligence process, as part of a hypothetic fundraising round.
During these two days, international aspiring VCs (the "challengers") act as the "VCs for a day" and conduct mock due diligence meetings with real, genuine, international startups.
Throughout the event, real VC firms assist, coach, give insights to startups and challengers on how to drive the meetings and how to focus on KPIs & traction metrics, come up with a company valuation, identify key risks & opportunities, assess the business model, understand the vision, challenge the team.
At the end of DAY 2, during a one-of-a-kind Demo Day, the challengers present to the VCs, gathered in a jury, their investment recommendations and potential mock term sheets for the startups they are willing to invest in. The team which has produced the most likely, plausible exercise is designated as the  winner of the challenge.

Thanks to this event,
*real startups have the opportunity to train & improve their skills needed to get through a due diligence process as well as get introductions to real VCs.
*In that context, VCs have not only a unique chance to meet entrepreneurs and add deals to their deal-flow, but also to meet skilled and promising investment team members that have demonstrated in a life-size exercise their aptitude to identify deals.
*Finally, the challengers are given the chance to test their motivation to and competences for the VC job alongside the opportunity to meet potential hiring VC firms. 

Are you a startup? a VC? or an aspiring VC? Send your application on (deadline April 10th).

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