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COVID-19 Impact on the VC Market

DateThursday, 18 June 2020
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Time5.00 PM (CEST)



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The COVID-19 situation is a massive disrupt of the Private Equity market and all investors need to understand what is likely to happen. In our series of our 0100 Conferences webinars, we examine closely how COVID-19 is affecting Private Equity investors. This webinar will be dedicated to Venture Capital investors and will shed some light on how relationships between the VC & start-up companies will look like and what they should be doing to get through the current crisis.

Together with seasoned experts from Preqin, ETF Partners, Bethnal Green Ventures, and BASF Ventures Capital GmbH, we will cover pressing concerns around the current economic situation and how this will spill into Private Equity and Venture Capital firms.

During the webinar we are excited to dive deep and provide unique and practical insights on the following topics:

  • What will be the impact on early-stage investment activity in Q3&Q4?
  • How does coronavirus affect VC fund market globally?
  • What’s happening inside venture firms (risk & reserves analysis).
  • How long investors believe the impact of COVID-19 will last for the early-stage investing community?
  • How will investors change their strategies, do they plan to invest in the same stages as before?
  • How will the investment trends look like, is there interest in any specific industries affected by COVID-19?
  • Resources and guidance to start-ups during these uncertain times.
  • What advice investors are giving to start-ups to navigate the current situation?

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