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SECA Webinar: Nuclear Fusion

DateFriday, 4 December 2020
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Time4.30 – 6.00pm CET



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Space is exciting. Technology is cool. Healthcare is a must. Economic stability is critical. Education is crucial. Clean air and water are essential. To have it all, you need energy: clean, sustainable, safe, cost effective, ubiquitous, and abundant. The energy of the stars – fusion – is our greatest hope (Forbes). Fusion safely produces clean energy with no greenhouse gases, no radioactive waste, no environmental degradation, and no competitor that even comes close. Fusion has been in R&D mode for many decades, but now it is finally coming closer – out of the labs and into our lives. Public and private initiatives are making tremendous strides; perhaps within ten years we will see this marvel of marvels blossom into the world. Join us for a special webinar with global thought leaders as we explore the challenge of clean energy.




16:30    Welcome – Maurice Pedergnana / John Cook
16:40    Presentations and Discussion
18:00    Conclusion


Language: English


Added after the Webinar:

  • The event followed along this video
  • Here you can read a topic-related article about Britain's first nuclear fusion power station.

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