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Do not miss this Podcast - EP #382 - Stefan Kyora & Thomas Heimann: How Did The Swiss Startup Ecosys

During their chat with Silvan, they summarized the VC report’s findings, as well as the conclusions we can draw from them:

  • It is still difficult for Swiss companies to raise large rounds from Swiss investors. This isn’t because we don’t have plenty of VC funds, or because those funds don’t invest in Swiss companies — there are many Swiss VC funds with at least 50% of their capital allocated to Swiss startups, but these are small funds investing small amounts.
  • The total amount of funds invested in Swiss startups (both foreign and Swiss) went down in 2023 for the first time in a while. After a 10 year boom, this is to be expected, and can easily be explained if we take the unfavorable international conjuncture into account. Comparatively, Switzerland is still doing well, and is quite stable.
  • Tradesales are also down in Switzerland, both when it comes to Swiss buyers and to foreign buyers. Thomas Heimann speculates they may increase, since larger, later stage fundraising rounds are becoming more rare.
  • Fintech, cleantech and biotech are the most popular and well-funded sectors in Switzerland.

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