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Leider vergriffen / sold out - SECA Booklet 11 - Indirect Real Estate Investments

Leider vergriffen. Unfortunately sold out.

Gerne verweisen wir auf das SECA Booklet 13 - Indirect Real Estate Strategies, welches die Neuauflage ist.


The importance of international allocated real estate investments has been growing in the past few years. As a consequence, indirect real estate invest-ments came into focus for a large number of investors. The present situation offers a unique opportunity for further international diversification of existing portfolios. Nevertheless, such an internationalization strategy is challenging and requires extensive and specialized knowledge, as recent investment activi-ties of institutional investors have shown. Despite these challenges I expect the global diversification – also in illiquid real estate investments – to further con-tinue.

With the support of various companies and authors, the present book addresses these issues by discussing theoretical and practice-guided concepts for indirect real estate investments. The aim of the book is to outline the potential of indirect real estate as an asset class from the perspective of professional investors. The book is structured as follows: Chapter 1 focuses on the four quadrants of real estate investments (Private Equity, Public Equity, Private Debt, Public Debt). Chapter 2 outlines various aspects of investment- and management processes. Finally, Chapter 3 discusses trends and opportunities in the indirect real estate market.

Prof. Dr. John C. Davidson (Ed.)

English, 264 pages, John C. Davidson (Ed.), 2014
CHF: 48

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