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Schweizerische Vereinigung für Unternehmensfinanzierung
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Europe (Invest Europe/PEREP)

Over the years, Invest Europe (former EVCA) has become the prime source for information about the venture capital and private equity industry. Invest Europe has been collecting information since its launch, resulting in comprehensive data going back to 1984.

Furthermore, Invest Europe continuously monitors research conducted by third parties, to enhance the provision of up-to-date information on various market segments and regions.

The research team produces both quantitative and qualitative analyses of the industry.

Annually, the following surveys are being conducted:

  • Pan-European Private Equity Activity Survey
  • European Investment Benchmarks Study - European Private Equity Performance
  • Corporate Venturing Activity Survey
  • Central and Eastern European Statistics

In addition to the above research, we produce a monthly barometer, in which elaborate about a different topic each month, and various Adhoc research corresponding to market needs.

For further information about Invest Europe Research, please contact the Research team at or visit the Website

Invest Europe - Annual Report 2021

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